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United Humanity: The New Beginning

Our definition for uniting humanity is:


* finding common ground and goals that everybody

on this planet will recognize and acknowledge as

their own, to live and strive for, always aiming at

what will benefit everybody now here, the next

generations and also this beautiful living Earth.*


Do you agree that unity starts with you and me?


Welcome my friend,

as enjoyers of Life and explorers of the universes, as pilgrims, scientists and researchers, as writers and artists, as programmers and designers, farmers and engineers, problem-solvers, parents, educators and awakening youngsters, we are the co-creators of the new and improved tomorrow.


Universal thriving has brought us to this point in our collective evolution that now we are top-evolved. Increasing numbers of people are intuiting with illuminating clarity that our individual potentials and inner abilities surpass all earlier documentations, teachings and imaginations.

From behind the horizon of our sub-consciousness a new awareness is dawning. We have reached the tipping point of accomplishing our final transfiguration and become the new human on this beautiful living planet.


It’s time to 1: Activate our dormant zenzes and potentials. 2: Extend our Awareness. 3: Be awaken and multi-alert as any New Human. 4: Fill in the details and designs for an improved world. 5: Be the co-creator that each of us is born to be here.

Connected and communicating from heart to heart we will accomplish this task that we came with to this cosmic cradle of organic life-forms.



It's time for freedom and space for everybody to transcend!


A new arousal to quest for the Next Step is surfacing as a globally out-rippling worldly as well spiritually revolution for freedom.

Freedom for expanding minds, freedom for new insights and the more free space for everybody to live, to built a home and have all basic necessities on hand.

Freedom to be closely connected with Earth and the living nature that we all are equal shareholders and caretakers of.

Freedom and space to contribute in any decision making.

Freedom and space to innovate existing structures, flows and dynamics in the society one is a part of.

Slowly but steadily this inner as well outer revolution is manifesting itself as resistance and uprising on all fronts of human societies on this living planet.


Do you sense this universal arousal that drives us on to quest for a next level of clarity from our senses, in our mind, memories and understanding?

Did you dare to open your heart and mind for this universal urge for freedom?

Are you prepared to peacefully yet persistent and powerful break out from any lines of limitations, to change and extend all outdated mind-settings, concepts and perceptions ?

Are you willing to leap forwards to a next level of consciousness and look for new solutions and answers about our individual life, purpose and task that we have on this living planet Earth?


This universal arousal or inner drive will keep accumulating beneath the surface of our sub-conscious desires, intentions and motivations until clear guidance is presented and recognized by majorities and accepted as such. Till then be critical and cautious with any explanations, teachings and philosophies.

Nature has prepared us with a next level of sentience for a next phase of conscious awareness and expanding wakefulness.

It’s time to activate and practice these higher zenzes, our different information processing minds, potentials and capabilities that we have available in our multi-layered presence on this living planet.


It's time for us to dare the leap into the next level of consciousness!


Now it is the majority of humanity as an interconnected life-form on this living planet who has to implement a peaceful global environment for each person to have the freedom and the space to make their individual leap forward into expanded awareness and wakefulness.


The freedom that we consciously or sub-consciously are striving for is similar with that of the metamorphosed caterpillar who has reached the tipping point of flying away as a magnificent butterfly. We may encourage one another to keep fighting for an opening to freedom yet each one of us has to accomplish this leap individually.


Can we, connected from heart to heart, accomplish this ultimate transfiguration of ourselves and represent the new human within the whole of humanity?


The founder.

Contact: info(at)united-humanity.com



My friend, this spiritually as well worldly louder manifesting call for change is still not verbalized and formulated clear enough for everyone to realize the why, what and how to make the next step. So be utmost critical and cautious with accepting and following any explanations, motivations and messages.

Firstly we need to accomplish our own inner transfiguration, be the New Human on this planet and reach clarity about our individual purpose, potentials and responsibilities.


Important note:

Please be informed that except for our own groups and pages we of the HUM Team have

Not Yet assigned any third person, group or page in any social network, organization and alike

to represent HUM in any way or anywhere.

As soon as we have any partners, affiliates and alike we will recommend each of them on a list right here on this HUM home page and also in our coming page for *HUM Representatives and Ambassadors.*


Thank you for taking note of this.




*** Global Invitation ***


As enjoyers of Life and explorers of the universes, as pilgrims, scientists and researchers, as writers and artists, as programmers and designers, farmers, engineers and alike, problem-solvers, parents, educators and awakening youngsters

we are the co-creators of the new and improved tomorrow for this and the next generations.

We came to this living planet to synergize a peacefully, across all borders and boundaries cooperating humanity, for the benefit of everybody.


My friend, when after reading our HUM Introductory, Vision and Mission you have that surprising delighting feeling that this is The Invitation, which you have been waiting for for so long, you are Full Heartedly Welcome to >> Connect << with Us.

We know that just like us, many of you are also prepared and waiting and so ready to join our Heads, Hearts and Hands for this task that we are born for on this living planet.

Connected from heart to heart with one another, supporting and synergizing each others efforts on this path we can accomplish a Peaceful Humanity around the globe. Can’t we?


The HUM Team.


Contact: info(at)united-humanity.com

Connect with us on >> Facebook << Click.


More links to our official addresses and other activities on internet will be added soon.

Thank you.