U-Manity's Mission

United Humanity: The New Beginning

Our definition for uniting humanity is:


* finding common ground and goals that everybody

on this planet will recognize and acknowledge as

their own, to live and strive for, always aiming at

what will benefit everybody now here, the next

generations and also this beautiful living Earth.*


Do you agree that unity starts with you and me?



Intro HUM Mission:

Mission of the Humanity United Movement.


Summarizing the HUM Vision:


1 - Universal Thriving

has already prepared us with a next level of sentience, potentials, capabilities and the intelligence for the purpose why we are now here on this living planet.

We’re generally just not yet aware of these, our very own naturally expanded potentials and capabilities. Our Primal Mind, which is pre-programmed for ’stay alive at any cost’ caused us to become completely point-focused and utmost limited in the use of this multi-functional and capable of multi-tasking human body, brains and more.


2 - A Peaceful Global Environment

is needed for each and every person to experience safety and security, anytime, anywhere, with any other fellow human.

Accomplishing this phase will spread an invitation for every person to discard the primal mind-settings and open up for unfiltered sentience and expanding, finer tuned wakefulness, the basic tools for the now so needed next level of consciousness.


3 - For a Peacefully Cooperating Humanity

around this globe we need a:

a - New Human on this globe. Who is the New Human?

The New Human has entered their next level of consciousness. As mentioned above: Entering this phase starts with activating and practicing our next set of

b - Higher zenzes. This next level of finer-tuned sentience does supply information for a

c - Next level of conscious awareness, wakefulness, easily decodable sub-consciousness, and a

d - New language, one in which words and expressions are at least further detailed and defined with more clarity as we know nowadays.

4 - The New Human on planet Earth.

The new humans, born awake and alert need new, open minded and well informed parents, educators and mentors who have already practiced the needed skills to decode and process the new, extended frequencies that their higher zenzes are also receiving.


It’s time to put aside the so far used ‘tunnel-vision’ and with uplifting delight start observing ourselves, Life and Existence in a ‘panorama view’.


My friend, to actualize this inner transfiguration is our cosmic assignment. You and I are born as humans, early enough to fully experience, observe and study clear details of each phase of ‘being a human’.

Now we are prepare and ready to make the leap to a next phase of wakefulness and be examples for the next generations on this living planet Earth.

Connected from heart to heart we need to accomplish this cosmic task! For when our stay-time here ends, each of us wish to leave with that joy and delight that we did accomplish the task that we came for to this beautiful living planet. Don’t you?


A - Entering the next phase of finer tuned Individual Presence will naturally accommodate:

B - Mutual comprehension, effortless tolerance and graceful patience inwards as well outwards.

This phase of Spiritual Adulthood, Collective Care and the open-hearted Sharing with one another will naturally synergize:

C - A well balanced and harmonious social and economical environment in which everybody has free and secured life-space with all basic necessities on hand, such as healthy food, clean water and more for any man, woman, child and other life-forms.


Take clear note that phase C is needed for phase A to start up for everyone around the globe. Actually the sequence C-A-B-C-A and so on, is a process which will develop step by step in a spiral like movement, every circling going one phase higher.


The initiating HUM Team



Invitation for all website, blog, social network groups and pages owners and managers.


Is your purpose also a Peaceful Global Society?

We hereby invite you to read the information in this HUM website and when you feel connected you are most welcome to contact us and join our effort in this fast growing HUM Network for a Peaceful Global Society on this beautiful living planet Earth.


The initiating HUM Team