U-Manity's Vision

United Humanity: The New Beginning

Our definition for uniting humanity is:


* finding common ground and goals that everybody

on this planet will recognize and acknowledge as

their own, to live and strive for, always aiming at

what will benefit everybody now here, the next

generations and also this beautiful living Earth.*


Do you agree that unity starts with you and me?



The HUM Vision


Everyone who has explored man’s mind and contemplated on what is needed for humanity to leap into a next, more compassioned and peaceful phase around the globe, agree with one another that a Next Level of Consciousness is needed. Great souls like Einstein and Tesla also mentioned the need for humanity to accomplish this next step.

Now, while we are here and this next level of consciousness is urgently needed to safeguard life on this planet, it is obviously our task to dive deeper into this subject and clarify details and procedures.


The Next Level of Consciousness.


I share with you my take on the next level of consciousness.

1: Consciousness is All that Is. Yet, only as information it has any value for us. Thus, entering a next level of consciousness simply means:

2: we need to become aware of new, further detailed information. Simple as that! No stories, no fantasies, fairytales and imaginations. Simple, factual information that each of us can receive and examine individually.

Reminder of what I have mentioned many times in my publications: What we’re not aware of doesn’t exist for us! We simply cannot take advantage of something as long as we are not clearly aware of it’s existence!

3: The basic tool for our awareness is our sentience. Thus, a next level of consciousness starts with a next level of finer tuned sentience! No stories, no fantasies, fairytales and imaginations.


The Fruit of Universal Thriving.


The good news my friend is that Universal Thriving has already prepared us with a next level of sentience. We’re generally just not yet aware of these, our very own naturally expanded possibilities. Keep in mind: What we’re not aware of does not exist for us, even if these are our own, still dormant inner dynamics, potentials and capabilities.


Peaceful Global Environment.


My friend, do you intuit that you are capable of so much more?

Now it is up to us to activate our interconnectedness on this living planet and initiate a Peaceful Global Environment.


This Peaceful Global Environment is now critically needed for each and every person to experience safety and security, anytime, anywhere, with any other fellow human.

Accomplishing this will be the ultimate invitation for everyone human to discard the primal mind-settings, which by nature is defaulted for: Stay alive at any cost! As such this primal mind-setting caused mankind to become completely point-focused and utmost limited in the use of this simultaneously multi-functional and capable of multi-tasking human body, brains and more.

Because of this point-focused ‘stay alive at any cost’ the primal mind that is generally known as the ego-mind, is utmost competitive instead of compassioned and cooperative. Not to mention the imbedded fear, hate, greed and envy as natural results of the ego-mind.

Still, the ego-mind is easily upgraded as soon as one lets go of the frenetic defensive cocoon, steps into the wider world while opening up for any new information.


A Peaceful Global Environment will guarantee every person the freedom and the space to make their individual leap forwards into expanding awareness and wakefulness, the basics for the now so needed next level of consciousness.

Keep in mind that we may encourage each other yet everyone need to individually make their leap forwards into a next level of wakefulness, before one is ready and willing to Cooperate in Unity. Ultimately the result will be a peacefully cooperating humanity around the globe.


Globally Cooperating Humanity


For a Peacefully Cooperating Humanity around this globe as the needed fertile environment for each and everybody to transcend to their next level of presence we need a:

1 - New Human on this globe. Who is the New Human?

The New Human has entered their next level of consciousness. As mentioned above: Entering this phase starts with activating and practicing the next set of

2 - Higher zenzes. This next level of finer-tuned sentience does supply information for a

3 - Next level of conscious awareness, wakefulness, easily decodable sub-consciousness, and a

4 - New language, one in which words and expressions are at least further detailed and defined with more clarity as we know nowadays.


It’s time for us to individually activate and practice our higher zenzes, our different information processing minds, potentials and capabilities that we have available in our multi-layered presence here and now.

This phase of individual wakefulness will naturally accommodate:

A - Mutual comprehension, effortless tolerance and graceful patience inwards as well outwards.

This phase of Spiritual Adulthood, Collective Care and the open-hearted Sharing with one another will naturally synergize:

B - A well balanced and harmonious social and economical environment in which everybody has free and secured life-space with all basic necessities on hand, such as healthy food, clean water and more for any man, woman, child and other life-forms.


The New Human on planet Earth


Humanity is awakening in the cosmic reality of our very own multilayered presence, multidimensional intelligence and cosmic wakefulness.

The ages of metaphors and allegories, new epics, theatrical portraying and fairytales have passed!

The next generations, our very own Crystal, Indigo, Rainbow and alike children are already firmly rejecting any kind of teachings and cognitive learning and memorizing of so called ‘spiritual’ knowledge of the self.


They refuse to memorize details that does not resonate with their finer tuned sentience and transcended intelligence. Instead they demand clear directions on their individual paths of activating and practicing their higher zenzes and extended inner abilities. These inner abilities generally still lay dormant within yet they intuit all of these with far more clarity than any earlier generation.

Now these born awake and alert new humans need new, open minded and well informed parents, educators and mentors who have already practiced the needed skills to decode and process the new, extended frequencies that their higher zenzes are also receiving.

The New Heart of Humanity


My friend, the globally manifesting revolution for change is uprising from the Heart of Humanity as one interconnected life-form on this planet. As such the urge to accomplish the now needed improvements, worldly, mentally, psychologically as well spiritually, wells from within each of us.


Universal thriving has prepared us to stand up, straighten our wings as cosmic altruists and support and synergize one another’s effort to uplift everyone’s stay-time on this planet to a next level of experiences, explorations and cosmic awakening!

At the cross-road where you will recognize similarities with my path and purpose, let’s meet each other.


Thank you for being connected and reading, sharing and spreading these in-sights..


The founder.

Contact: info(at)united-humanity.com


The next page will be: * The HUM Mission *

Stay connected.